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DiSandro Landscape Group - Landscape Design ProfessionalsAt DiSandro Landscape Group we provide an extensive range of landscaping services to better serve the residents of Bucks County, and Montgomery County, PA. Below, you will find more information on all of our exceptional landscaping services.

Mulching: Fresh, triple ground hardware premium mulch can be installed at any time to make your beds look better than ever. Whether it’s red or black dyed, or just brown triple ground mulch, our landscape install includes bed edging, clean-up, and removal of any weeds or unwanted growth with every service. If needed, we can install a pre-emergent material to prevent those unwanted weeds that seem to grow rapidly throughout those summer months.

Pruning: Feel free to have one of our experienced employees shape up your shrubbery around your residence. We take time when pruning to make sure it’s done right and in perfect detail. We prune every tree or shrub twice to make sure every limb is equivalent to all the others.

Design Services: Our representative can provide options for your landscape expectations. We will sit down and spend time with our clients by showing different plants or shrubs to make sure it is exactly what you want. Colors, sizes, and growth expectancy can all be provided by just one appointment.

Hardscape Construction: DiSandro Landscape will grant a 2-year warranty with any hardscape installation. We will walk you through the installation process of our walks, walls, driveways, and patios to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. We will provide an on-staff certified installer to ensure your job is done up to the standards of ICPI.

Grading/Drainage: With our vast resources, we can remove that unwanted slope or that uneven turf. We will regrade any construction areas while preparing from that beautiful lawn you always wanted. Water puddles or run-off problems can also be discussed in getting that proper pitch right. If required, our installation team can prepare drains to help transfer that unwanted water that just carries on during heavy pores.

Seed/Sod: Whether you want instant grass through sod or want to grow it from scratch, we can seed that soil to help accomplish your expectations. All sod installations are neatly trimmed to provide a perfect fit in getting that instant lawn. By analyzing your soil, we will determine if your soil is at par for promoting growth for your turf. If sod is not in your budget, no need to worry. We can also provide a hydro-seeding treatment to help grow that dream lawn.

Turf Applications: After establishing your lawn, we can provide a six-step application program to maintain your beautiful lawn and keep that green color, season after season. Included in the program is a core plug aeration that will take place during the fall months.

  • Lawn Analysis
  • Disease and Insect Control
  • Liquid and Granular Applications
  • Organic Programs

If you are interested in any of our premier landscaping services from DiSandro Landscape Group, please contact us today.

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